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Reveal electrolytic capacitor manufacturers unknown secret

by:Shenmao     2020-11-16
Light from the point of aluminum electrolytic capacitor this words, I believe that no contact person must be more sound strange, but it didn't open the deficiency in our life, basic all the appliances are used inside, the following is to introduce you to electrolytic capacitor exactly? First the function of the electrolytic capacitor is huge, in addition to the protection voltage current, power equipment in large electrolytic capacitor factory, it is play an irreplaceable role. And the vicious competition of the market led to manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors is dead one batch on the market again. The electrolytic capacitor on the market is uneven, can appear a surface phenomenon of China's electrolytic capacitor compared with famous brand or there's a huge difference! As costs continue to increase, the electronic components industry will eliminate most of the inferior capacitor manufacturer production, so, exactly which electrolytic capacitor factory production quality is better? When the choose and buy what problem should note again? Here is to introduce everyone in the choice of electrolytic capacitor. Low capacitance is bigger, the better a lot of people tend to love in the capacitance of the replacement of using large capacitance. We know that although the capacitance, the greater the current compensation ability for IC. Not to mention the increase of the capacitance with larger volume, increase cost at the same time also affect the air flow and heat dissipation. The key is on parasitic capacitance inductance and capacitance discharge circuit will occur at some frequency resonance. At resonance point, the impedance of the capacitor is small. Therefore, the impedance of the discharge circuit of minimum energy effect is best. But when more than point of resonance frequency, the impedance of the discharge circuit starts to increase, capacitance provide current capacity then began to decline. The capacity of capacitance value, the greater the resonance frequency is lower, the frequency of the capacitor can effectively compensate current range. From the Angle of guarantee capacitor's ability to provide high frequency current, the greater the capacitance the better view is wrong, in the general circuit design has a reference value. The same capacity of capacitance, the better the more parallel capacitance pressure value, heat resistance, capacitance value, the ESR ( Equivalent resistance) Capacitance is of several important parameters, such as, for the lower ESR nature is, the better. The ESR and the capacity of capacitance, frequency, voltage, temperature, etc. When voltage is fixed, the bigger the capacity, lower the ESR. In the board design using multiple small capacitance and even more is the PCB space is limited, so some people think that the more parallel small resistance, the ESR is lower, the better the results. Is so in theory, but should consider the impedance of the capacitor pin solder joints, using multiple small capacitance in parallel, the effect is not necessarily outstanding. Low ESR is lower, the better the combination of the above we improve power supply circuit, for input capacitance, the input capacitance of the capacity to be a bit bigger. Relative capacity demands of the ESR, can reduce accordingly. Because the input capacitance mainly is the pressure, the second is to absorb the switch MOSFET pulse. For output capacitance, the requirement of the pressure and volume can be down a little bit. The ESR requirement is a little higher, because here is to ensure that enough electric current excess. But here is to pay attention to the ESR is not the lower the better, low ESR capacitor will cause switching circuit oscillation. While complex damping circuit will lead to increased costs. Board design, there generally have a reference, this as a component selection parameters, avoid damping circuit and lead to increased costs. Good low capacitance represents the high quality & other; Only capacitance theory & throughout; Once-thriving, some of the electrolytic capacitor manufacturers and the media also deliberately put the things into a selling point. In the board design, circuit design level is the key. And some of the electrolytic capacitor manufacturers can make than some vendors with two phase power supply more stable products, power is supplied by four phase blindly adopt high capacitance, may not be able to make a good product. To measure a product, be sure to all-round multi-angle thinking, the role of capacitance must not have intention to not intentional of exaggeration. So you must choose to have actual strength, reputation, quality guarantee of aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers as a supplier, don't blindly to the pursuit of low prices, low cost. Choose a good capacitor manufacturer is will give great core competitiveness of their products. Shenzhen ShenMao band is a company specializing in the production of capacitor manufacturers, the main brand for & other; ShenMao & throughout; The spot inventory, reliable quality.
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