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Reveal the three major characteristics of electrolytic capacitors

by:Shenmao     2020-11-16
Electrolytic capacitor is a capacitor, compared with other capacitors, electrolytic capacitor has a relatively unique performance, ShenMaoJun here is to introduce you to the unique place where? Electrolytic capacitor is one belongs to the inside of the condenser, metal foil as the anode ( Aluminum or tantalum) With the positive close to metal oxide film ( Alumina or tantalum pentoxide) Is the dielectric, cathode by a conductive material, electrolyte ( The electrolyte can be a liquid or solid) And other materials, because of the electrolyte is a key part of the cathode, therefore is called 'electrolytic capacitor. At the same time, electrolytic capacitor can the positive and negative extremely wrong. Electrolytic capacitor has three features: ( A) : electric capacity of unit volume is very large, dozens to hundreds of times larger than other kinds of capacitance. ( 2) : rated capacity can be very big, can easily achieve tens of thousands of & mu; Even a few f (f But it can't and electric double layer capacitance ratio) 。 ( 3) : overwhelming advantage than other sort, because the composition of electrolytic capacitor materials are ordinary industrial materials, such as aluminum and so on. Manufacture of electrolytic capacitor equipment are also common industrial equipment, can be mass production, the cost is relatively low. Electrolytic capacitor is usually composed of metal foil ( Aluminum/tantalum) As a positive electrode, foil the insulating oxide layer ( Alumina/tantalum pentoxide) As the dielectric, electrolytic capacitor with its positive electrode divided into aluminum electrolytic capacitor and tantalum electrolytic capacitor. The negative electrode of aluminum electrolytic capacitors by soaked in liquid electrolyte ( Liquid electrolyte) The tissue paper/film or polymer electrolyte composition; Manganese dioxide tantalum electrolytic capacitor negative electrode is usually adopted. Due to the electrolyte as a negative electrode ( Pay attention to and dielectric distinguish) And the name of the electrolytic capacitor. ShenMaoJun has very good for everyone to summarizes the characteristics of electrolytic capacitors, in use process still need to pay more attention to details! ! ! ShenMaoZheng website dedicated to high-end capacitance in the high-quality goods, to seek long-term cooperation. Welcome to inquire: 0086 18923870923
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