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Safety capacitance crack, pot exactly is who?

by:Shenmao     2020-12-28
Today a customer consultation, in other businesses to order a batch of brand safety capacitance test results found that the crack phenomenon, why can appear circuit board crack, your family's safety capacitance will happen this phenomenon? Actually the cause of safety capacitance crack has a lot of, first, must choose a good safety capacitor manufacturer, to ensure the quality of the products is no problem. Below I will tell everyone about safety capacitance the reasons for the crack! The cause of safety capacitance burst: ( 1) Due to poor manufacturing quality, safety capacitance internal components of the breakdown. Safety capacitance is safe, and it is certified. To ensure safety when you buy safety capacitance capacitor brand can also consult safety capacitor manufacturer certification book number, make sure you buy the capacitor is a quality guarantee. ( 2) Due to poor casing seal into the moisture, reduce the insulation resistance; Due to the permeability, oil spill, oil level drops, leading to breakdown the shell discharge or components. ( 3) The internal free and drum belly. When internal safety capacitance discharge corona, breakdown, and serious when free, safety capacitance in the function of overvoltage, will produce a series of physical, chemical, electrical effect, accelerate the insulation aging, decomposition and gas generation, form a vicious circle, so that the pressure tank shell, cause the walls outside the drum resulting in crack. ( 4) Insulation damage, especially high side lead manufacturing technology, uneven edges, burrs or serious change to fold, cutting-edge prone to corona, corona make oil decomposition, tank shell expansion and the decrease of the oil level breakdown caused by the components. In addition, when the block if the corner welding time is too long, destroyed the internal insulation, reduces the breakdown voltage, also easily lead to safety capacitance is damaged, resulting in crack accidents. ( 5) When live closing, in the closing moments, voltage polarity may be contrary to the polarity of safety capacitance residual charge, thus cause the crack. ( 6) Poor ventilation, temperature is too high, severe overvoltage and voltage harmonic component is big, can also cause the crack. Now we all know the X2 safety capacitor cracking reasons, we are looking for, from the root cause problem can be solved. When we hold safety capacitance as we have to be very attention, if put safety capacitor in direct sunlight, temperature difference is big, corrosive gas, high temperature or damp, the safety performance of the capacitor may fall. If the safety capacitor placed more than a year, before use, please carefully check its performance. Shenzhen ShenMao band is a company specializing in the production of capacitor manufacturers, the main brand for & other; ShenMao & throughout; The spot inventory, reliable quality.
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