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Service standards for metal film capacitor manufacturers | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-03
We all know that metal film capacitors, as a type of capacitor, have been widely used in the current society. Therefore, many metal film capacitor manufacturers are facing many new requirements to better adapt to the current new conditions. The production of new types of capacitors with better quality and more innovative labels has become the professional pursuit of each manufacturer. Therefore, more and more metal film capacitor manufacturers put the customer first, and always pursue customer needs as their own production philosophy, and strive to meet the current needs. The requirements of society and customers. We know that general metal film capacitors are crimped and laminated based on double-sided metal during production. Therefore, compared with the previous metal foil capacitors, there are many priorities. First of all, the internal loop of its movement is made of copper strips. During the construction, the thickness of the copper strip is relatively high, and the temperature rise rate of the relative copper strip is indeed very low, so the ability of the copper strip loop is also becoming stronger. The installation is relatively simple and efficient, avoiding more error rates. Generally, the metal film capacitors produced by new metal film capacitor manufacturers are composed of multiple discrete parallel combinations. It is different from the traditional single module form in that it solves the uneven current and uneven voltage, especially in The shortening of the distance between the main circuits greatly reduces the influence of the distributed inductance of the line on the components. The main circuit generally only needs two copper wires to replace the previous large PCB components. Therefore, the cost of materials and various labor costs are greatly reduced. On the contrary, the reliability is slowly improving. People are always under pressure to gain more motivation and sense of innovation. Therefore, the future development of metal film capacitor manufacturers can only continue to innovate and adapt to the requirements of the times to make themselves invincible.
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