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Several advantages of metal film capacitors | Focus on high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-03-26
Metal film capacitors are metal film capacitors composed of double-sided metalized polypropylene film and non-metalized polypropylene film that are rolled or laminated. The advantages of using metal film capacitor modules: 1. The main circuit inside the core adopts a copper bar bridging process structure, the thickness of the copper bar is guaranteed, the main circuit has a strong flow capacity, and the temperature rise of the copper bar is low. The installation and operation are simple, convenient, fast and efficient, which greatly reduces the probability of error. 2. The main circuit only needs two copper strips, instead of a large PCB in the past. The cost of product materials and labor costs are greatly reduced, and product reliability is improved. Eliminates the need for PCB plug-in, tin furnace, repair soldering and other processes. 3. The main circuit is separated from the drive control part, so that the strong current/weak current can be separated. Reduce the interference of the main resonant circuit to the chip driving part. It brings convenience to the after-sales maintenance of the product, the components can be reused, and the maintenance cost is reduced. 4. Since the metal film capacitors are packaged in module form, the aluminum shell can be used for heat dissipation, and the movement can be completely sealed. Solve the problem of oil fume, moisture, cockroaches, metal dust, etc. entering the inside of the movement, and improve the reliability and service life of the product. 5. The metal film capacitor is changed from multiple discrete parallel to a single module form, which solves the problems of uneven overcurrent and uneven partial voltage of discrete capacitors, shortens the line distance of the main circuit, and reduces the distribution of inductance and power of the line. The influence of components. The above is the basic information of metal film capacitors. For more information, please call the free consultation hotline 4006299138
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