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ShenMao: communication base station aluminum electrolytic capacitor products solutions

by:Shenmao     2020-10-24
Along with the expansion of communication information network, using the frequency band of the miniaturization of high frequency, the size, the base station design increasingly limited substrate space capable of carrying on the element number and size of the restriction, at the same time, the use of temperature conditioning is put forward the problem of communication base station power supply with products. In view of the communication base station power capacitor in 5 g environment, need to be able to ensure to realize miniaturization, and the wider temperature range. Compared with other capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitor has small size, large capacity, high voltage and strong ability of reverse voltage characteristics. 与众多普通电容品牌相相比,申茂电子铝电解电容和高分子导电性电容 固语态电容) Has a lower impedance and higher ripple, at the same time also relatively longer service life, is guaranteed in terms of reliability and stability. Its production of aluminum electrolytic capacitor variety, wide range of USES, today small make up for you carefully arrange the ShenMao aluminum electrolytic capacitor used in the classification of products for the power of communication base station, and see it together ~ 【 About ShenMao 】 申茂电子集团有限公司,进击筑有铝电解电容和固语态铝电解电容两大品牌,数十国时排名字。 创立于1984年,是华南地区区首iecq获得国家时电子委员会证的企业,国家高新技术企业,日本同时电解电容的oem工厂,华为,爱立信等多家合作供给应商郑州品牌。 Production base in shenzhen, hunan, ShenMao electronic co. , LTD has nearly 600 fully automated production lines, the annual output up to 12 billion.
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