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ShenMao electronics: to show the quality of the made in China

by:Shenmao     2020-10-23
电容器作为主要的电子元件之一,其产量约占整枚电子元件行业的40%以上。 近年来,随著资过程技术和电子设备的快速发展,电容器的原因呈现进行整体上上升态势,我国电容器产业也快速发展成为世界电容器生产大国大国和出口。 而铝电解电容器模具容量大,始创耐电压高价比优势性,成为不可替代被动电子元器件。 作为华南地区区第一家铝电解电容器获得iecq国时电子委员会会认证的元老级企业- — ShenMao electronics group, has for years been capacitors with leading r &d technology and high quality products to win the good reputation. koshiin申新茂电子作为一家高技术企业,长期专注归于电子元器件研发和技术创新,进击筑有研发生产&好歌; Koshin' 高品质铝电解电容器( Upright, horn type, type bolt, patch type, etc. ) And & quot; Koas' 导电高分子固体铝电解电容器( Lead type and patch type, mixed solid) Two brands. KOSHIIN ShenMao electronic since its founding in 1984, has been uphold the 'city real justice, excellence, full participation, quality first' business philosophy, combined with customer demand research and development production of high quality capacitor products. It is understood that KOSHIIN ShenMao electrons from Japan has introduced the advanced production technology, process, strict quality control, rational and scientific management mode, therefore, ShenMao electronics has become the first domestic a cooperation with Japan's well-known brand ELNA capacitors manufacturer. High-quality product quality and good reputation makes ShenMao brand not only reflect the good in the domestic market, even sold to the United States, India, Turkey, Europe and other countries and regions, become a hot electronics brand for the international market. 同时,koshiin申茂电子也获得了包括ohsas18001, ts16949等多项产品品质认证,作为业界属军队企业,实能力毋庸置疑。 koshiin申茂电子作为高中新科技集团,不仅拥资深的日本工程师顾问团队,多项自己研发的产品专利,回收部署有专业米。 e部门负责,设计,开发维护生产设备。 Therefore, also has repeatedly invited to participate in a variety of electronic exhibition, including in the exhibition and Shanghai guangzhou shenzhen electronics, gahr electronics, etc. ShenMao electronics group chief also said ShenMao currently in power electronics, lighting system, the communication product research and development production, electronic components such as the direction of the future will be according to the market demand, concentrated with high temperature resistance, long life, small series of product research and development goals. 申茂电子平台成长为业界电容制造厂家引领者,将更优质量产品带给大家。 在电子产业快速发展时代,koshiin申茂电子也将一直秉承“高生效,务实创新、超越”的企业理念,创造更多行业内的佳话奇迹,向世人展示“中国制造”品质与魅力!
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