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ShenMao: lighting circuit solution using the aluminum electrolytic capacitor products

by:Shenmao     2020-10-24
铝电解电容器驻驱动led照明电路中的应用常见十分钟。 Compared with other capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitor has small size, large capacity, high voltage and strong ability of reverse voltage characteristics. 与众多普通电容品牌相相比,申茂电子铝电解电容和高分子导电性电容 固语态电容) Has a lower impedance and higher ripple, at the same time also relatively longer service life, is guaranteed in terms of reliability and stability. Its production of aluminum electrolytic capacitor variety, wide range of USES, today small make up for you carefully arrange the ShenMao aluminum electrolytic capacitor in the field of LED lighting drive product classification, together and see it ~ 【 LED bulbs 】 led驱动电源延寿生命偏低的一个重要原因是驱动电源所需的铝电解电容的寿命不足,主要原因是长时间工作时led灯具内部环境温度能力,导致铝电解电容我们被耗干电解液,为了延寿生命大缩短。 因此,选择品质好,耐高温和委员长延寿生命性铝电解电容参阅我们考虑了驱动led电源的重要因素。 【 About ShenMao 】 申茂电子集团有限公司,进击筑有铝电解电容和固语态铝电解电容两大品牌,数十国时排名字。 Founded in 1984, is the first in south China, also the international electronic WeiYuanZheng enterprise, national high and new technology enterprise, the famous Japanese electrolytic capacitor OEM factory, opple, leishi lighting cooperation with many famous brands such as suppliers. Production base in shenzhen, hunan, ShenMao electronic co. , LTD has nearly 600 fully automated production lines, the annual output up to 12 billion.
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