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【 ShenMao school 】 Disassemble the LED lamp

by:Shenmao     2020-12-31
Often heard that now the LED lamps and lanterns is short life is mainly the power of life is short, and the power are shorter because electrolytic capacitor life short. They also have a point. Inferior because there has been a lot of short life of electrolytic capacitors, plus spell the price now, so some factories without regard to the quality of short life of these poor electrolytic capacitor, the result is the conclusion. 专业生产铝电解电容三十六年的申茂电子秉承“行业属先进,技术一流”的企业理念,先后获得多枚国家级认证水平归于2017年被评价为“国家高新技术企业”。 At present, has many first-class brand both at home and abroad to achieve long-term, stable relations of cooperation. Today, let us share a multiple disassembly process LED lights. led节能led灯作为通用照明的一个产品类,其名称源于传统照明球泡灯,节功能灯。 led节能灯外形状与传统节功能灯类相似,这样外形的功能满脚消费者传统审美人士。 LED energy-saving lamps: the characteristics of low cost, high photosynthetic efficiency, luminous area is large, no glare, no ghosting. led即半导体发光二极,身体是一种固态的半导体器件,它可以直接把电转化为光。 LED bulbs is using high brightness white LED light source, high luminous efficiency, less power consumption, long life, easy to control, free maintenance, safety and environmental protection. 发光两极身体,led的心脏是一个半导体的晶片,晶片的一端附在一个支架上,一端是负极,开篇一端连接电源的正极,使整个晶片被环氧树脂封装起来。 Semiconductor chip consists of two parts, one part is a p-type semiconductor, dominated by holes in it, the other end is n-type semiconductor, here is mainly electronic. 但这两种半导身体连接起来的改称,它们之间释子形成一个p - n结。 When a current flows through a wire to the chip, the electron will be pushed P area, electron and holes in the P zone compound, then will be issued in the form of photon energy, this is the principle of LED. Because the LED lamp calorific value is not high, the electric energy into light energy as much as possible, and the ordinary lamp by the many electrical energy turns into heat energy, heat wasted. In contrast, LED lighting is energy saving. 一、拆解准备主要工具&腺苷酸; Materials to prepare 1, LED energy-saving lamp 1, 2, 3 screwdriver, soldering iron, etc. Second, the disassembly process to share first open the LED light lamp shade, you can see a large piece of aluminum plate, which has an LED circuit control board, the power input for the spiral mouth 220 v socket: leds luminous surface, three parallel 43 group series, after the above 3 * 43 groups LED lamp bead in concentric circles of uniform distribution, the LED lamp board and control board welding connection, between the two is negative, the other two are aided fixation: LED panel: : the main control chip of 7 pin pin close-up view to the wafer model LED on the back panel, the PCB for single-sided printing electricity board, with electric heating separate control panel with aluminum plate welds: control panel connected to the above four points using straight needle welding: tear open come down to the control panel on the back of: can see clear components: 【 关于电解电容的延寿生命】 Life index of the electrolytic capacitor has a characteristic, how many degrees is must in the life of the working environment temperature circumstances. 目前常用的电解液电容都是聘用语态电解液电解电容,电解液干了什么,电容量当然就没语句了。 The higher the temperature, the easier it is to electrolyte evaporation. So the service life of electrolytic capacitor index must indicate what is in the life of the ambient temperature. 最普通的电解电容,在105℃时的延寿生命只有1000小时。 ,难保不是说一千小时以后这个电解电容就坏了而只是说这个电解电容的容量在1000小时以后小容量减少了分书来是20 uf,目前有10 uf的了。 电解电容性延寿生命取决于它工作时环境温度。 At present, ShenMao electronics with high temperature resistance ( 高可达135°c) 长秀生命系列电容,欢迎来电谘询。
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