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by:Shenmao     2021-05-24
Before mass production, most companies will find a reliable Shenzhen cbb capacitor factory to make capacitor samples for testing. However, most companies still waste time and money because they do not understand the production, equipment, and personnel of some cbb capacitors. Some time ago, a Mr. Li from Shenzhen searched for Shenzhen cbb capacitor factory on Baidu and found Shenmao. Ms. Shi, a salesperson, entertained him. After inquiries, Mr. Li is a medical device and he is in a hurry. Finish the period as soon as possible, and the quality must pass. Then Ms. Shi took him to the processing site to visit. After a short visit, Mr. Li was very satisfied and immediately took samples to test on the spot. After that, Ms. Shi discussed the plan with the Engineering Department and tried to meet the requirements of Guangdong cbb capacitor factory within a limited time and high standards. After five days, the workers finally completed the project. The courier was delivered to Mr. Li. After seeing the results, Mr. Li was full of praise. Shenmao's employees are also very happy. In the cbb capacitor industry, it is to be customer-centric. As long as the customer's requirements are within a reasonable range, I believe that those who do business will try their best to meet customer needs. The customer's time is Shenmao's time, and this is the essence! If you want to cooperate with Guangdong cbb capacitor factory, you can consider Shenmao!
At a time when technology is essential for electrolytic capacitor, ensuring that it works in a symbiotic way with your human employees is key.
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