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SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors manufacturing process?

by:Shenmao     2020-10-15

SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors manufacturing process? The main production process including the corrosion and oxidation film forming technology of aluminum foil, aluminum foil, paper cutting, lead the riveting, electrolysis of winding, electrolyte impregnation, assembling, crimping, combination of assembly. Step 1: corrosion of aluminum foil. If open an aluminum electrolytic capacitor shell, you will see that there are several layers of aluminum foil and several layers of electrolytic paper, aluminum foil and electrolytic paper attached with together, winding into tubular structure, so that each layer between two layers of aluminum foil is electrolytic paper adsorption of the electrolyte. So first we talk about aluminum foil manufacturing methods. In order to increase the contact area of aluminum foil and the electrolyte, the capacitance of the aluminum foil surface is not smooth, but through the electrochemical corrosion method, make its surface uneven shape, it can increase the surface area of 7 ~ 8 times. Ordinary aluminum foil the price of one square metre in 10 yuan or so, and after this process, it will be up to 40 ~ 50 yuan/square meters. Electrochemical corrosion process is relatively complicated, which involves the kinds of corrosive liquid, concentration, aluminum foil surface state, corrosion of the dynamic balance of speed, voltage and so on. At present our country in this manufacturing process is not enough mature, so after electrochemical corrosion of aluminum foil in the manufacture of capacitance is still mainly rely on import. Step 2: oxide film formation process. Aluminum foil after electrochemical corrosion, then use the chemical method, the surface oxidation into 3 oxidation 2 aluminium - — Is the medium of aluminum electrolytic capacitor. After oxidation, carefully check the surface of the 3 oxidation 2 aluminium, see whether there are spots or cracks, exclude the unqualified. Step 3: cutting aluminum foil. This step is easy to understand. Is a single piece of aluminum foil, cut into small pieces, make it suitable for capacitor manufacturing needs. Step 4: lead riveting. Capacitance of external pins are not directly connected to the capacitor inside, but through the fuses and internal connection of capacitor. Therefore, in this step we need to lead anode and cathode, and the capacitance of outer lead by ultrasonic bonding together. Outer lead is usually used to reduce the copper coated iron wire or copper oxide line resistance, while internal leads directly USES aluminium wire and aluminum foil directly connected. Attention to these little steps does not high precision machining requirements. Step 5: electrolytic paper winding. Capacitance in the electrolyte is not poured directly into the capacitance, the soaking liquid aluminum foil, but through adsorption of the electrolyte electrolytic paper and aluminum foil layer upon layer and laminating. Among this, choose the formula of electrolytic paper and ordinary paper is somewhat different, microporous structure, the surface of the paper can't have impurities, otherwise will influence the composition of the electrolyte and performance. Is this step, there will be no electrolytic electrolyte absorption of paper, and aluminum foil stick in a piece, and then into capacitor shell, aluminum foil and electrolytic paper form similar to '101010' state of interval. Step 6: electrolytic impregnation. When electrolytic paper winding, will fill in electrolyte, electrolyte dipping into electrolytic paper. Following the development of the electrolyte formula and the ascension of electrolytic paper manufacturing technology, now of aluminum electrolytic capacitor ESR value also gradually enhanced, become one of the several points before. Step 7: assembly. This step is to capacitance aluminum shell assembly on the outside, at the same time, connecting the outer lead, capacitance to the basic is taking shape. Step 8: edge. If the 'covering' capacitance, it is need after this step, the capacitance PVC membrane covering the outside of the sleeve on the outside of the capacitance aluminum shell. But now use the PVC film capacitor has less and less, the main reason is that the material is not conform to the trend of environmental protection, and and performance is not too big relations. Step 9: combination of assembly. If it is upright encapsulation, there is no need to pass this step this is the final step in SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors manufacturing. This step would be to SMT assembly process need black plastic base plate element in the bottom of the capacitor. Demand for components, first is the sealing effect is better; The second is heat resistant performance is better; Third has chemical resistance, can't and capacitance of the electrolyte type internal material produces chemical reaction. This little plastic board called the terminal board, its manufacturing precision is very high, because once the wrong size, or affect the capacitance of the sealing ( Too small) Capacitance other nearby, or stop PCB components assembly ( Too big) 。
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