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SMD resistor

by:Shenmao     2020-10-16
Product name: SMD resistor patch capacitance in circuit board by C, said English abbreviations: MLCC. Patch capacitor is one of the passive components of current consumption is larger. It is mainly for the electronic components and release charge. Its basic principle is charge discharge, rectifier, shock and other role. Often used in power supply circuit, the realization of the bypass, decoupling, filter and energy storage for use. SMD capacitance parameter name contains have SMD capacitance of doing this patch capacitance with material, size, required accuracy, the demands of the voltage, capacity and the requirement of the end and packaging requirements. General order must provide the parameters of the patch capacitance have the size, the requirements of precision, the requirements of the voltage, the capacitance value, and brand. Its appearance is made of ceramic, but more than only one, it also points the glass condenser, paper and electrolytic capacitors. As ceramic tiles capacitors refers to MLCC, namely multilayer ceramic chip capacitors According to the material divided into COG (conventional patch capacitance NPO) Encapsulation of X7R and Y5V, its pin 3 0201040 2060. 0805. 1206121, 0181, 2182, 5222. Multilayer ceramic capacitors ( MLCC) By parallel laminated ceramic material and electrode material.
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