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by:Shenmao     2021-05-29
Mr. Xu is a company that purchases foreign products. He said that the pressure of purchasing is also very high. He is afraid that the products are cheaper and the quality is not good for various reasons. So I found Shenmao Capacitors by searching for 'Songgang Capacitor Factory' on the Internet. After seeing many evaluations about Shenmao on the Internet, I decided to visit Shenmao first. It was already off work at that time. After receiving the contact from the customer, the salesperson Ms. Shi immediately decided to wait for the customer in the office. This small act moved the customer very much. Ms. Shi from Songgang Capacitor Factory first led the customer to the workshop. After seeing Shenmao's equipment, the customer sighed that your equipment is really a big company among the peers. At that time, I saw that several salespersons were off work and were still following up with customers in real time. At that time, I felt that the employees of Shenmao Capacitor were really dedicated. After reading it. Mr. Xu said that the order will be given to Shen Mao, the delivery time will be guaranteed, and the quality will be in place. She is relieved. The customer sent a specification request the next day. After receiving the request, Ms. Shi from Songgang Capacitor Factory found a lot of errors in the selection of the voltage resistance of the model. Then she took a screenshot and told the customer that there was a problem with your requirement, and there were many unreasonable. And asked if there are any other more detailed circuit board design drawings, the customer said no, and then to deal with these needs, and asked the customer to send a list. In order to better quote. In the subsequent communication, Miss Shi mentioned why she decided to cooperate with Shenmao so quickly. Compared with other small capacitor factories, the price can only be regarded as medium. The customer said that because he prefers to cooperate with large companies, the staff is dedicated, and the quality is good. Ensure that you can see more clearly than the customer in the small details. The equipment flow is also complete, he is assured. Therefore, if you want to choose a Songgang capacitor factory to cooperate, you can cooperate with Shenmao. Whether it is complete equipment, quality assurance, or responsible attitude of the staff, it is a level higher than that of the peers. You must believe that if you cooperate with Shenmao Capacitors, You will be assured.
Shenmao is the leading manufacturer of electrolytic capacitor and related products.
We want to continue to organize Shenmao to make it more efficient and profitable so that both, our clients and our employees can get more out of their time.
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