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by:Shenmao     2021-06-30
The starting capacitor is a name given to the function of the capacitor. The starting capacitor itself is a CBB capacitor, and the material is made of metal film polypropylene. Because this type of capacitor has a starting function in electronic equipment, consumers have become accustomed to calling this type of capacitor as a starter over time. Capacitors are also called operating capacitors. Because this type of capacitor has another use function, which is to maintain the normal operation of the machine after the device is started, it is also named as operating capacitor. The starting capacitor material is a metalized polypropylene film, and it is often called CBB, so its model usually starts with CBB, and the models included are CBB60, CBB61, and CBB65. These three types are more frequently used startup capacitors. Although all of them are starting capacitors, the application environment is completely different from the appearance. CBB60 starting capacitor is also generally called water pump starting capacitor. Because it is mostly used in water pump equipment, it is generally called water pump starting capacitor. CBB61 starting capacitor is widely used in equipment. It is commonly used in electric fans, micro motors, etc. It is generally called motor starting capacitor, CBB65 starting capacitor, which is used in outside air conditioners, some electrical equipment, etc. Generally, CBB65 is also called motor capacitor. This application requires multiple resolutions. The starting capacitor is generally based on the performance of the equipment to choose the correct capacitor model. If you are an electronic equipment manufacturer, you must choose the starting capacitor manufacturer to cooperate. If it is a personal repair, you can choose to purchase online. This type of starting capacitor The requirements are high, and generally need to pass multiple certifications, but many small capacitor workshops can imitate them, and then sell them outside the OEM, so you need to start capacitors for your own production equipment, and you must choose a regular start capacitor manufacturer , Avoid buying inferior starting capacitors.
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