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Sterilization Lamp Capacitor_Disinfection Lamp Capacitor_UV Lamp Capacitor Matching

by:Shenmao     2021-05-30
With the impact of the new crown epidemic this year, people have begun to pay attention to personal hygiene. From frequent hand washing to disinfection, the market for disinfection lamps has also stimulated. Common germicidal lamps have the same function as disinfection lamps and UV lamps. In order to provide consumers with a healthier and safer environment and articles for sterilization, the cooperation of capacitors is indispensable when making these disinfection lamps. This type of capacitor is also called disinfection lamp capacitor, or both germicidal lamp capacitor and UV lamp capacitor can be used. The purpose is also the same. The disinfection lamp capacitor brings the stability of the light temperature to the lamp. The principle of disinfection of the antivirus lamp is to carry out the high temperature of the light, so there is a large pressure resistance requirement for the performance of the capacitor, and the commonly used matching capacitors have high pressure Ceramic chip capacitors generally have a withstand voltage above 2KV, which can help disinfection lamps meet high temperature requirements. There are also anti-virus UV lamps that require a certain degree of stability, so precision capacitors are used. Commonly used matching capacitors are CL21X miniaturized metal film capacitors. These two capacitors often act as supporting components in the components of the disinfection lamp. Disinfection lamp capacitors are now gradually adopting new technology used in disinfection lamp capacitors, such as CBB81 high-pressure polypropylene capacitors and MKP82 capacitors, etc. These are all suitable for disinfection lamps, and they are also types of disinfection lamp capacitors, because disinfection lamps It relies on high voltage to irradiate high-temperature ultraviolet light, so the current is relatively large, and the pressure resistance and safety of the corresponding disinfection capacitor are very important. This type of product cannot use inferior capacitor products, and whether one of its performance can meet the standard Uncertain, the most important point is that if the safety is not guaranteed, it is easy to cause consumer damage. Shenmao Capacitor has 36 years of production experience for this type of disinfection lamp capacitor, so the quality is reliable.
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