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Summer is coming, remember to replace your air conditioner capacitors! |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-13
The hot summer hits, and the frequency of air-conditioning has increased again. It is unavoidable that some households that are not used frequently in winter. The air-conditioning is not cooling. Generally, people who repair the air-conditioning , Add refrigerant, replace capacitor, refrigerant generally don’t know how to add it by yourself, but the capacitor can be replaced by yourself. Air conditioner capacitor generally refers to the CBB65A bolt capacitor, he does not need to be welded, only needs to be manually twisted, and the original Remove the capacitor, and then twist and switch to a new capacitor, so CBB65 air conditioner capacitors can generally be replaced manually by yourself, but the main point is that if your air conditioner is hung on the wall of a high-rise building, it is best to do it yourself Do not replace it, or notify professional maintenance personnel to come and replace it. If the outside of the air conditioner is in a place where you can reach it and the risk factor is not high, it is recommended to replace it manually. The judgment of replacing the air conditioner capacitor is by disassembling the outside of the air conditioner. Check whether the CBB65A air conditioner capacitor inside has bulging or liquid leakage symptoms. If there is, 100% need to be replaced. Because the capacitor has been damaged, the outside of the air conditioner can't function, and the hot air cannot be exhausted. If it is outside the air conditioner The machine is operating normally, but the room is still not cooling, then you need to add refrigerant to complete the cooling. CBB65A air-conditioning capacitors are not expensive to sell, just a few yuan, because capacitor manufacturers are all sold in batches. Choose to buy a single use in the online store, because the general price of air-conditioning capacitors brought by maintenance personnel will be doubled.Because it includes labor costs, this cost needs to be measured by yourself. If you are an air-conditioning manufacturer, you need to purchase air-conditioning capacitors. , You can contact the website for online customer service consultation, thank you!
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