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by:Shenmao     2021-06-19
Recently, due to the increase in demand for mask machine capacitors, JMX/Shenmao capacitor manufacturers have supplied hundreds of mask machine manufacturers in just one month. The mask machine equipment is produced by the ultrasonic industry. Before that, JMX/Shen Mao Capacitor has served the ultrasonic industry for nearly two decades, so the ultrasonic industry is assured in terms of word of mouth. At the beginning of the year, Shenmao Capacitor responded to the request of superiors, actively cooperated with the suspension of production, and jointly contributed to the epidemic. However, due to the scarcity of masks on the market, a large number of mask machine manufacturers resumed work and found JMX/Shenmao Capacitors. , The CBB81 capacitor is required, and the delivery time is very urgent. I haven't noticed the problem of mask demand at the beginning, but as more than a dozen mask machine manufacturers request supply within a day, JMX/Shenmao Capacitor actively cooperates After passing the application for resumption of work, began mass production of CBB81 capacitors. Because it can start to supply, more and more mask machine manufacturers cannot find a suitable CBB81 capacitor manufacturer. They found JMX/Shenmao capacitors through various channels. Due to the large number of orders and the low power of personnel In order to produce CBB81 capacitors in time and hand them over to the mask machine manufacturers to solve the scarcity of masks on the market as soon as possible, even the office clerk needs to assist in the production line. The epidemic has been effectively controlled, but with the increase in foreign epidemics, the demand for masks will increase! JMX/Shenmao Capacitor is a CBB81 capacitor manufacturer that has been supplying for many years. Under this situation, it has always maintained the spirit of twelve points and strictly controlled every level of the quality of this capacitor. Now the production staff has reached 97% of the power. The delivery time of mask machine capacitors will become faster and faster. If you are in urgent need of mask machine capacitors now, please contact JMX/Shenmao, we will definitely have the power to assist and spend the extraordinary time together!
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