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System structure of metal film capacitors | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-03-23
Through these years of development, the development of metal film capacitors has changed from an 'immature' backup device to a very effective way of energy storage. Although the energy storage capacity of supercapacitors is very small compared to batteries, it can be charged and discharged very quickly, can transmit tens of thousands of high-power pulses during the service life, and can easily meet the design life requirements of the product. Many manufacturers have realized the technical advantages and high practical performance of super capacitors, and have begun to produce various systems based on super capacitors. For an engine or battery system, metal film capacitors need to work under the highest load, even if this demand lasts only a few seconds. Designing the entire system to meet the highest load rather than the average load will obviously lead to an increase in cost and a decrease in efficiency. This kind of system can store the energy part of the main energy equipment as electric energy, thereby improving the design of this kind of system. In this regard, metal film capacitors are the best choice. Because metal film capacitors are injected with high-conductivity electrolyte, and have high-conductivity electrodes and ionic fiber isolation layer, super capacitors show quite low series impedance. At present, the energy density of commercial supercapacitors can exceed 5Wh/Kg, and the power density can reach 20kW/kg. Compared with the process of battery technology based on chemical reaction, this kind of energy storage process does not have any chemical bond bonding or breaking. After millions of charging and discharging cycles, the cycle life of supercapacitors is proved to be very good. In fact, any application needs electric energy storage and fast charging and discharging functions. This is the market potential of supercapacitors.
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