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Take you through the world of through-the-core capacitors | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-07
As the most frequently used electronic component, capacitors have been widely used in current life, especially in energy conversion, circuit control, filtering and coupling. From radios and stereos to various high-end electronic devices, more and more human bodies are aware of the fun that capacitors bring to us, and it has even been fully integrated into our daily lives. Faced with the numerous capacitors, many people may not understand their respective differences and characteristics. Here is a brief introduction to the fun and enjoyment brought to us by the through-core capacitors. First of all, from the perspective of the medium, the through-core capacitor is a capacitor that changes with the surrounding environment temperature. The most direct impact of this change is to control the filter cut-off rate of the filter, so its self-electricity is more than other similar types. The capacitance is much smaller. Secondly, the existence of anything has its own advantages. Although it is smaller than other capacitors, the through-the-core design can essentially prevent some high-frequency signals from being directly coupled from the input to the output. Therefore, It can achieve a good suppression effect for high-hertz audio noise. The reason why the through-core capacitor has this effect is because it is directly installed on a metal panel, and the metal electric plate on the other hand also plays a role in the isolation of high frequency. Ordinary capacitors are simply made for high-frequency signals. Impedance, the parasitic capacitance between the wires make the audio signal have a coupling effect and reduce the filtering effect. Although the through-core capacitor can play a very good role when it is used, it has become a headache for countless people when it is installed, because the high temperature during welding will cause fatal damage to it and it is difficult to carry out Repair, so be careful when soldering.
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