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Tantalum electrolytic capacitor and comparison of aluminum electrolytic capacitor has the advantage of this!

by:Shenmao     2020-10-18

tantalum electrolytic capacitor and comparison of aluminum electrolytic capacitor has the advantage of this! Included on the advantage of small volume, use temperature scope width,, good performance, good impedance frequency characteristic, high reliability, concrete electrolytic capacitor manufacturer ShenMao introduction for you. 1, small volume, the adoption of the tantalum capacitor tantalum powder particles is very fine, and tantalum oxide film dielectric constant epsilon 17 higher than the aluminum oxide film dielectric constant and therefore tantalum capacitance per unit volume of the large capacitance. 2, use temperature scope width: tantalum electrolytic capacitor can be in commonly - 50-100 under the temperature of the normal work, although also can work within the scope of the aluminum electrolysis, but performance is far worse than tantalum electrolytic. 3, good performance, tantalum electrolytic capacitor tantalum oxide film in the medium not only corrosion resistance, long service life, high insulation resistance, small leakage current and working long hours can maintain good performance. 4, good impedance frequency characteristic: impedance frequency characteristic is good, bad for frequency characteristic of capacitor, when work high frequency electric capacity will drop dramatically, loss ( tgδ) Also rose sharply. But solid electrolytic capacitor can work in more than 50 KHZ. Tantalum capacitor with increased frequency, also want to capacity decline phenomenon, but the decline is lesser, have data show that when work in 10 KHZ tantalum capacitor capacity fell by less than 20%, and aluminum electrolytic capacitor capacity declined 40%. 5, high reliability, stable chemical properties of tantalum oxide film, and because of the tantalum anode substrate Ta2O5 ability strong acid, strong alkali, so it can use the solid or liquid electrolyte containing acid low resistivity, this makes the loss than of tantalum electrolytic aluminum electrolytic capacitor is small, and the temperature stability is good.
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