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Teach you how to distinguish between electrolytic capacitor is negative

by:Shenmao     2020-11-16
Capacitor circuit boards are generally have a positive, negative, if not careful meet anti explosion may cause the damage of circuit board or capacitance, so here is to introduce you to a variety of different kinds of capacitance is negative to distinguish the skills. First to introduce the bolt type electrolytic capacitor, when inserted into the circuit board using must distinguish is negative, meet the will be very dangerous. First of all, we want to see the white mark on the side of silver, if there is - character number is negative, if there is no. + is positive. Then come to show you across the electrodes of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is how to distinguish, there are two kinds of identification methods. If is new, we can be judged according to the length of the pins, feet long is positive, then the white silver edge of symbols, a character as the cathode. Judging the first way is to see white silver edge, a character is negative, the second contact embossing, mostly on the cathode has a variety of embossing. Also some manufacturer also can on the contact pressure on the positive and negative identity. Next patch electrolytic capacitor is the most easily identified, black side side as the cathode, there are negative at the end of the dark side. This is the common household appliances CBB capacitance, there is no polarity. It is important to note that when used pressure values. Picture recognition is anode electrolytic capacitor is polar, it also has the branch is negative. Horn electrolytic capacitor is a kind of an electrolytic capacitor, is mainly used in power supply, frequency converter, sound and so on machinery, equipment, can be said to be one of the most common, it is also have a positive negative. Tell from appearance can be. Through equipment testing also can identify the capacitance is negative, I am here not to show you one by one, we hope to share the above can help to correctly identify the capacitor is negative. Shenzhen ShenMao weiye technology co. , LTD. , engaged in capacitor industry for 13 years, is a professional manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors, welcome new and old customers to come to guidance and consulting.
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