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Technical Post: Deviation Points of SMD Capacitor Special Resistors|Focus on the manufacturer of high-end brand capacitor

by:Shenmao     2021-06-01
The application of surface mount technology (SMT) has become very common, and the proportion of electronic products assembled by SMT has exceeded 90%. SMT has been used in my country since the 1980s. With the development of small SMT production equipment, the application range of SMT is further expanded. Aviation, aerospace, instrumentation, machine tools and other fields are also using SMT to produce various small-volume electronic products or components. In recent years, in addition to electronic product developers developing new products with SMD devices, maintenance personnel have also begun to repair electronic products assembled by SMT in large numbers. Pingshang Technology will introduce the main parameters and specifications of the most widely used SMD resistors, capacitors and inductors, in order to help developers and maintenance personnel to purchase these SMD components. The resistance of chip capacitors: The current chip resistor models are not uniform, set by each manufacturer, and the model is particularly long (consisting of more than a dozen English letters and numbers). If the various parameters and specifications of the chip resistors can be correctly proposed when purchasing, then the required resistors can be easily purchased (or ordered). Deviation: Bu003d±0.1pF, Cu003d±0.25pF, Du003d±0.5pF, Fu003d±1% Gu003d±2%, Ju003d±5%, Ku003d±10%, Mu003d±20% Zu003d -20%to+80% Features: 1. Ultra-miniature product 2. With three-layer electrode structure 3. High stability and high reliability 4. Paper tape packaging is suitable for automatic placement machine
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