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Test pressure tip electrolytic capacitor

by:Shenmao     2020-12-25

why don't apply for untrusted aluminum electrolytic capacitor? The most fundamental reason is that our country's electronic components market has experienced disassembly parts, gray, counterfeit products market situation. With the development of The Times, this phenomenon is less and less. ShenMao below introduce you test electrolytic capacitor voltage tips and Suggestions of choose and buy. Possibility: aluminum electrolytic capacitor dielectric film by anodic oxidation, therefore, small current 'breakdown' for a short period of time will not damage the basic method: aluminum electrolytic capacitor to aluminum electrolytic capacitor in series a 10 k resistor; Slowly increase the voltage applied, keep charging current under 1 ma ( On the corresponding resistance voltage less than 10 v) Until even if you don't continue to increase the current in the applied voltage is still does not reduce the corresponding voltage is the breakdown voltage electrolytic capacitor; 90% of the voltage is the rated voltage of electrolytic capacitor this method is only applicable to aluminum electrolytic capacitor to purchase aluminum electrolytic capacitor criterion to the credibility of aluminum electrolytic capacitors manufacturer or reputable famous aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers agents to buy. Try not to electronic market or agency purchased by the lack of credibility. Shenzhen ShenMao electronic co. , LTD is a professional production of aluminum electrolytic capacitors manufacturer. Company is mainly engaged in production, aluminum electrolytic capacitors have to provide supporting services to a number of well-known domestic manufacturers, the company has a group of advanced production and testing equipment, professional and technical personnel and management personnel, to provide customers with all-round quality service.
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