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The 5th national conference and exhibition center in Shanghai grand opening

by:Shenmao     2020-10-22
The 5th national conference and exhibition center in Shanghai grand opening. In previous years, scheduled for march gahr electronics show the affected by the outbreak delayed until July, and exhibition location is the venue from pudong to the national convention center, exhibition area is doubled. The event brought together more than 3000 exhibitors, centered on '5 g', 'new construction', 'artificial intelligence' and so on the key word in full swing, participation enthusiasm unprecedented pomp. 'Integrated innovation, response to the current gahr Shanghai electronics show wisdom to build the future', the theme of the thirty-six years focused on aluminum electrolytic capacitor production ShenMao ( Chenzhou) According to the related staff, the exhibition, ShenMao highlights two electronics show its 'hard power' - ShenMao electronics is a first-class brand and a number of stable cooperation with suppliers at home and abroad, including huawei, Ericsson, etc. ShenMao electronic precipitation 36 years in the aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry, outstanding product quality to win the majority of customers word of mouth. But ShenMao electronics with early laid automation production lines, production efficiency is not decreased, easily satisfy the general customers the production of the goods time, and constantly by reducing labor costs to maintain product price advantage, to improve the quality of products. The future, along with the development of market of 5 g, smart phones, tablets, and the wider use of smart home, aluminum electrolytic capacitor miniaturization, chip, high temperature resistant and high requirements of the ripple becomes a trend. Electronics co. , LTD focus on product quality, product quality, to provide customers with better service. It is understood that ShenMao with conductive polymer solid capacitors electronics design in this year's 'the guest China' county of hunan province won the first place in the preliminaries, rich scene application will also be assigned to the new infrastructure. Electronic information industry as the basic of the national economy pillar industry, is the foundation of many downstream industry development and the blood, became a stable economy, employment and development of a key cog. While for exhibition at the 2020 Shanghai is more desirable.
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