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The advantages and disadvantages of CBB capacitors in series and parallel | Focus on high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-07-07
CBB capacitors are also a kind of film capacitors, and CBB capacitors are capacitors made of polypropylene. Common CBB capacitors have three types of composition: series, parallel and series-parallel hybrid. Next, the editor mainly talks about the advantages and disadvantages of CBB capacitors in series and parallel. Let's get to know the editor together! Series-connected CBB capacitor assembly: Since the single working voltage of the CBB capacitor is not high, it cannot cover the voltage requirement range of the application conditions. It is necessary to connect multiple monomers in series to meet the voltage requirements of the application conditions. The inherent difference between the two, the total voltage acting on the series components can not be evenly distributed to different capacitors, it will lead to the asymmetry of the voltage distribution. Parallel CBB capacitors: CBB capacitor components constructed in parallel can output or receive large currents. During the charging process, the series charging resistor ensures the voltage distribution between the cells, but the inherent charging resistance of the CBB capacitor is a dynamic quantity and has a certain degree of dispersion, making the control circuit for adjusting the resistance change extremely complicated and difficult to implement Point-by-point control; in the discharge process, the discharge resistance can be controlled to obtain a high output power, but in order to avoid excessive discharge current and ensure the allowable output power, it is necessary to appropriately control the energy storage of the component.
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