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The advantages of SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors

by:Shenmao     2020-10-15
SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor compared with conventional electrolytic capacitors, it adopts high electric conductivity, high stability of conductive polymer materials as a solid electrolyte, electrolyte to replace the traditional aluminum electrolytic capacitors, it adopted the electrolyte conductivity is very high, coupled with its unique structure design, significantly improve the shortcomings of traditional liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitor, show a very excellent properties. 1, aluminum electrolytic capacitor ideal high frequency low impedance characteristics. Loss of polymer solid electrolytic capacitor is extremely low, has a low impedance at high frequency characteristic of ideal, so are widely used in the return circuit, such as lotus root, filter design effect is ideal, especially high frequency filtering effect is good. Through an experiment can be more intuitive and clear to see polymer solid aluminium electrolytic capacitor and high frequency characteristics of the obvious difference between ordinary capacitors. In the smoothing circuit input stack 1 MHZ ( 8 a peak value voltage v) High frequency interference signals, with 1 only 47 uf polymer solid electrolytic capacitor filter, can make the noise to the only other 30 mv output voltage peak. Parallel required to achieve the same filtering effect, 4 1000 uf ordinary liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitor, or a parallel access 3 100 uf tantalum electrolytic capacitor. 2, aluminum electrolytic capacitor large ripple current resistance ability. Polymer solid electrolytic capacitor has the ability of resistance to large ripple current, is suitable in the switch power supply circuit short time provide larger electric current. Voltage of the short period of time down significantly, so foreign provide high frequency current ability is very strong, have very good instant response. 3, flat aluminum electrolytic capacitor frequency characteristic and temperature characteristic is good. Polymer solid electrolytic capacitor in the 0 and 1 ~ 10 MHZ band has a flat capacitance - — Frequency characteristics. It also has good temperature characteristic, average temperature from - 55 degrees to 105 degrees, capacitance change - only 5% ~ + 8% polymer solid aluminium electrolytic capacitor has long life, high reliability, it is mainly used in the mainboard bypass capacitor, DC/DC converter, small high-power power supply, power supply back lotus root, the high frequency noise suppression circuit and portable electronic devices, etc. Polymer solid due to the use of aluminum electrolytic capacitors and conductive polymer materials, so you don't burn or smoke, don't explode.
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