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The appearance and material of axial film capacitors|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-13
Since D. Fitzgerald invented the paper capacitor in 1876, the technology and production process of this type of capacitor have been continuously improving. Until now, plastic film capacitors (film capacitors for short) are widely used. Film capacitors are divided into metal foil type film capacitors, metalized film capacitors and film foil type film capacitors. Today we will talk about axial film capacitors in metallized film capacitors. The axial film capacitor is distinguished from other metalized film capacitors because of its appearance. The two leads of the axial film capacitor are on the same axis, which is why the axial film capacitor is so named. The figure below shows the axial film capacitor. Let's talk about the material of axial film capacitors. The plastic film used in metallized film capacitors has many materials, and polyester film and polypropylene film are the most used today. Axial film capacitors generally use these two materials. Axial film capacitors using polypropylene film capacitors are generally referred to as CBB. Axial film capacitors that use polyester film as a dielectric are referred to as CL. Generally, if the cross section of the axial film capacitor is circular, it is called CL/CBB19; if the cross section is oblate, it is called CL/CBB20. For more details, please call the toll-free hotline: 4006299138.
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