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The application of high voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitor in the analysis

by:Shenmao     2020-11-21
Basic industries such as electronics, telecommunications and energy, the development of electronic products also large changes have taken place in structure, the original electronic product is given priority to with civilian goods in our country, and the current industrial investment the proportion of the whole machine has increased significantly. In order to adapt to the development situation, from aluminum electrolytic capacitor is given priority to with CD11 type, gradually shift to large high-voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitor. Also by lead on product structure type to welding ( Needle) Type and screw type transition. Since 1994 investment the machine with the rapid development of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Investment machine include: industrial frequency conversion speed regulator, UPS power supply, CNC machine tools, PBX backup power supply, ac/dc inverter welding machine and plasma cutting machine, etc. Development and popularization of this kind of machine, make the aluminum electrolytic capacitor has developed from a small, medium to large, and further improve product rated voltage, more strict with the quality of the product. As a component manufacturer, want to in a dominant position in the market competition, must pay special attention to new product development, attaches great importance to product quality. In the black and white television development, it is not very strict to the requirement of technology and quality. With the development of color TV sets, the requirement for the quality of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, from color TV localization of certification, to promote the IEC standards and promote the ISO9001 standard was significantly different in the past two years. Industrial investment in rapid development period, the whole machine is more strict with the quality of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor and harsh. The following focuses on industrial inverter some of the major problems in aluminum electrolytic capacitor. 2 inverter ac motor variable frequency speed governor to the requirement of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is the national key promotion of energy-saving products. The inverter has been widely used abroad, the motor is the inverter, so to speak. Inverter research and development in China started late, the domestic many colleges and universities have developed a variety of inverter products, and mass production is Taiwan joint venture to build a few companies in the mainland. From the perspective of the components of the application, mainly rely on imports has two kinds: one kind is IGBT power module; Another is the high voltage, large capacity aluminum electrolytic capacitor. Frequency converter in the application of aluminum electrolytic capacitor as the inverter power model choice of capacitor is also different. General with 350 v, 400 v, 470 ~ 10000 & Lambda; F range specifications, but usually use or four series-parallel two tandem. In the voltage type inverter, the use of the number of large capacity, high voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitor. Single for inverter used, should pay special attention to the following: ( 1) Capacitor polarity is forbidden by the applied voltage is too high or pulsating current is too large, otherwise will make the internal pressure, will burst, explosion-proof valve leakage of electrolyte, and even explode. ( 2) When the design is generally used to reduce the rated voltage. General requirements two capacitor voltage type inverter series pressure at about 700 v. Frequency converter manufacturers to be on the safe side, therefore, chooses two capacitors in series 400 v, of course, there are many manufacturers chose two 350 v capacitor in series. ( 3) Under normal use, the general requirements for six years has to be replaced. Replacement cycle is due to the using conditions, the temperature varies. Of course also with capacitor itself quality, pressure and temperature tolerance, high ripple current performance has great concern. ( 4) Fixed capacitor electrode plate, if have, crack, or the rise of temperature of the upper or aluminum shell temperature rise more than 15 ℃, had better be replaced immediately. ( 5) Shelved for a long time of capacitor, if the quality not line, the leakage flow increase, if suddenly applied voltage, may have great damage due to temperature increase, so must refresher training before use
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