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The basic concept of electrolytic capacitor ripple current

by:Shenmao     2020-12-09
Ripple current is the flow of alternating current in the capacitor. Call it a current because ac voltage superposition in capacitor on the dc bias of is similar with the ripple on the above the water. Ripple current can make the condenser heat, the determination of ripple current rating method is under the rated operating temperature regulation a permissible temperature rise, under the condition of the condenser is still as to meet the requirements of the service life of the gauge. Usually 85 capacitor allows a maximum temperature of 100 ℃, namely core package center maximum temperature of 95 ℃; General 105 ℃ products, allowing a maximum temperature of 50, core the center temperature to 10 ℃. The actual core covering maximum allowable temperature by different capacitance types and manufacturers is different. Do lines in heart factory fast waves of high gauge with high degrees of preliminary lines is the forehead organism temperature most home: but too high temperature will make capacitor exceeds its core package to allow for maximum temperature and fast failure, and near the highest core packages allow temperature under the conditions of work will be clearly contraction phase of life.
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