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The brief working principle of audio capacitors|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-03-14
Audio capacitor resistors are the most used devices in various circuits. In HI-FI or HI-END equipment, the selection of resistors will directly affect the performance indicators of the equipment, such as signal-to-noise ratio and fidelity. The resistor that enters the working state will generate noise. The magnitude of the noise depends on the resistance value, temperature, applied voltage, and resistor type. The total noise of a resistor is composed of multiple components. Closely related to various audio circuits are thermal noise and current noise. The quality of the audio capacitor itself has a greater impact on the sound quality than the capacity. Audio capacitors have an applicable frequency. As the frequency increases, the capacitance gradually decreases until it changes from capacitive to inductance. The smaller the value of the audio capacitor, the better the high frequency performance. For low-frequency signals, the impedance of the capacitor is relatively large; as the frequency increases, it becomes smaller and smaller; at high frequencies, the impedance increases again due to the decrease of the capacitance value. Simply put, the sides are warped and the middle is low. Large capacitors have good low frequency pass performance, and it is meaningless below 20 Hz, but there may be attenuation in high frequency. Of course, if the performance of the capacitor is very good, the high frequency still maintains good capacitance, it does not matter to choose a large capacitor, although it does not make sense for the low frequency
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