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The category and uniqueness of audio capacitors|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-03-14
Many audio capacitor enthusiasts have used a lot of capacitors, various types, but less generalized, the following will tell you about the different characteristics and uniqueness. First, let’s talk about the Promise oil-immersed audio capacitor. This capacitor has a relatively small sound and belongs to the traditional model, although it is common but very practical. So it is also a relatively common one on the market. There are axial type and square type respectively. Because of the high cost performance, they are widely loved by the public and are especially suitable for beginners. The sound of the audio capacitor is very soft, it sounds very comfortable, and the traditional taste is very heavy, which is especially suitable for the cello. The second is. MIT's audio capacitors are high-end, so they are very expensive. But the size is much larger than ordinary audio capacitors, the sound is particularly delicate, has a high density, and sounds lively and natural. The resolution and dynamics are all of the highest level. The three segments are connected and the sound is natural and coherent, especially expensive, especially suitable for criticism He uses different instruments, and he distinguishes a variety of materials. There are electrolytic, paper, film, ceramic, mica, air, but the most used are film-type audio capacitors, because they are used for storing electricity in addition to filtering, so they are used in electricity A place with a relatively large amount. This audio capacitor has many excellent properties. It is a particularly high-performance audio capacitor. Not only is it non-polar, its insulation resistance is also particularly strong. The frequency performance is particularly excellent. The most important thing is that the medium loss is particularly small, the frequency characteristics are good, and the frequency is moderate without distortion. Therefore, the film audio capacitor is also an audio capacitor that has been simulated in large numbers.
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