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The cause of high voltage ceramic capacitors were breakdown?

by:Shenmao     2020-12-21
As one of the members of the high voltage capacitor, high voltage ceramic capacitors are widely used in various fields. But the high voltage ceramic capacitors will still have the risk on the breakdown. Many factors might result in the breakdown of high voltage capacitor, just to give you look at the below what are the factors lead to high voltage ceramic capacitors is punctured. There are many factors that can cause breakdown of high voltage ceramic capacitors were, according to the factors, lead to breakdown situation can be divided into breakdown, thermal breakdown voltage, over current breakdown, strong electromagnetic field breakdown, and so on and so forth. First look at the breakdown voltage. This is a high voltage capacitor breakdown situation, one of the most vulnerable to that commonly broken appearance to the capacitor in the application, ceramic chip fracture. The cause of the breakdown occurs, lies in the ability to withstand voltage of high voltage capacitor is not enough. Tend to be technical personnel to the capacitor voltage security margin assurance is not enough, that is to say, if the voltage down a little bit, or to use higher voltage of high voltage capacitor, this problem is solved. In terms of national grid, general voltage security margin will be more than 4 times. In 10 kv power plant, for example, the use of capacitor voltage, according to the national standard, must be able to achieve 42 kvac pressure for 2 minutes, just below the standard of the products can be characterised as unqualified products. Next we'll look at thermal breakdown. The breakdown happens more commonly in the high frequency pulse circuits. A frequency level is not high voltage ceramic capacitors used to bear ability outside power supply, can appear obvious thermal breakdown. This kind of breakdown without warning, often is a blow to wear, or several times pulse breakdown soon. The primary cause of the problem is that the capacitor itself does not accord with circuit design requirements HZ level, such as the capacitor should use 2 GHZ, 2 KKHZ are used with a capacitor. Even lower grade products. The consequences of such direct is a pattern in the breakdown on the capacitor. The breakdown is directly, because the pulse frequency is strong, capacitors tend to be shattered. Because this is in a very short period of time, ceramic chip extremely sharp temperature change, this change is because ceramic intolerance caused by high frequency. Such moments of high temperature let technical personnel caught off guard, are also easy to mistake of judgment for the voltage is not enough. Because the heating time is too short, didn't find heats up like now. Actually when the chip is very hot, so when judgment requires as much detail as possible some engineering personnel. However, in the process of practical application, thermal breakdown in high voltage ceramic capacitor when another is not easy to distinguish the false impression, engineers should be aware of. In product at ambient temperature in the process of ascension, for example, to a certain value, the breaking out of the blue. Found capacitor appearance is good at this moment, a handful of possible breakdown, as part of a more, is characterized by capacitor and no breakdown, just change the effect. After the temperature decrease, it will return to the initial value. Compared with the common breakdown and thermal breakdown voltage in both cases, lower breakdown though the frequency of magnetic field, but also is we need to take seriously. High voltage capacitor under strong magnetic field, the breakdown now is like. This is like tend to take effective measures to control can be obtained after. Or change the circuit structure can be controlled as well.
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