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The characteristics and uses of several metal film capacitors | Focus on middle and high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-17
There are many types of metal film capacitors, here are the main ones: 1. CBB21 (MPR) metal film capacitors. Features: Metallized polypropylene film as medium and electrode, encapsulated with flame-retardant insulating material, one-way lead, tape outsourcing, epoxy resin sealing, with excellent electrical performance, good reliability, low loss and other characteristics and good self-healing performance. Uses: Widely used in high-frequency DC, AC and pulse circuits, and filter circuits after rectification. 2. CBB24 (MPB) metal film capacitors Features: low loss, small internal temperature rise, high insulation resistance, excellent flame-retardant and moisture-proof performance. Uses: used in electric meters, step-down products, carrier signal transmission circuits. 3. CBB81 (PPS) Metal Film Capacitor Features: With metalized polypropylene film in series structure, it can withstand high voltage and high current impact, has low loss, excellent electrical performance, high reliability and self-healing performance. Uses: Suitable for high-pulse, high-current circuits, resonant circuits, display and color TV line reverse circuit, suitable for electronic ballasts. Shenzhen Shenmao Capacitor welcomes your inquiries and purchases, please call the toll-free hotline 400 6299 138.
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