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The characteristics of aluminum electrolytic capacitor leakage current

by:Shenmao     2020-11-09
Due to the aluminum oxide layer ( At the same time act as insulation) Special properties, even in the dc voltage applied after a long time, there will be a small electric current to flow, the current leakage current. The smaller the leakage current, means that the performance of the insulation layer, the better. 1, time and temperature characteristics of leakage current is shown in figure 15, before loading to aluminum electrolytic capacitor voltage in a few minutes, there is a strong leakage current flows, especially in a long time without applying overvoltage during storage. During the period of continuous work, the leakage flow is reduced, until almost constant value 'steady state'. Temperature characteristics of leakage current is shown in figure 16, at 85 ℃ temperature category of capacitor, for example. 2, leakage current, the voltage characteristics under constant temperature, the leakage current and the relationship between the applied voltage as shown in figure 17. 3, work Ileak leakage current, leakage current op work refers to the continuous working condition of the steady state current. Can use the following formula KaiQiJia Ileak electrolytic capacitor, the op: the result is under the condition of rated voltage VR and 20 ℃. Temperature of 20 ℃ under the condition of the results must be multiplied by the following factors, in order to obtain gm and long-life capacitor characteristics of leakage current temperature. Work when the working voltage is lower than the rated voltage, leakage current will be substantially reduced, 4 Ileak, leakage current, the op acceptance test due to leakage current varies with time and temperature, so the measuring time and the definition of reference temperature reference is very necessary. The rated voltage is added according to EN130300 after 5 minutes, to test the leakage current shall be measured in 20 ℃. The following formula applies: 0. 06C. V( µA) Or apply small values (5 ma Example: bolt type products) Between 15 ℃ and 35 ℃, all can implement the acceptance test of leakage current. Then, allowable limit should be multiplied by the following conversion factor, the value of the reference at 20 ℃, 5, and turned to according to IEC 60384 - again 4, before the acceptance test, aluminum electrolytic capacitor must be taken, a preprocessing step to ensure that when you compare and evaluate different products, have the same initial conditions. To this end, will be sent to you by about 100 Ω ( VR≤100V DC) Or about 1000 Ω ( VR<100V DC) Series resistance will be rated voltage load to the capacitor, a one hour. Subsequently, the capacitor in 15 ~ 35 ℃ under the condition of no pressure for 12 ~ 48 hours. Then, it must be at the latest within 48 hours measuring leakage current. If the capacitor without pretreatment and conform to the requirements of the leakage current, this step can be ignored. 6, no leakage current characteristics when applied voltage ( No voltage storage) When electrolytic capacitors in without an external voltage, oxide layer may be degraded, especially at high temperature. Because there is no leakage current transmission cation to the anode, at this time so oxide layer cannot regenerate. This leads to long-term storage after first applied voltage, will produce stronger than normal leakage current. However, due to the oxide layer in use process will regenerate, leakage current will be gradually reduced to normal levels. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors can be in the case of no applied voltage storage for at least two years ( 100 VR unidirectional lead type product for one year or less) 。 Assume that no more than the storage period, then after storage capacitor can be work under rated voltage directly. In this case, the 'taken' chapters mentioned steps can be omitted. Must pay attention to when design application circuit, load power in after the first few minutes, leakage current may be higher than normal levels of hundreds of times. When the capacitor stored two years later, whether to allow circuit high initial leakage current is often decisive. With capacitor circuit should be stored for more than two years of trouble-free running for an hour. This often can make the condenser regeneration, and may continue to storage.
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