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The characteristics of metal film capacitor shells | Focus on high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-03-29
The shell of the self-healing capacitor of metal film capacitor is punched out of tinplate and coated with flame-retardant paint, which has good corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance. The terminal and the upper cover adopt integral die-casting, the pressure resistance is as high as 3500V, and the sealing performance is good, long-term use in the environment of -45℃~+50℃ will not crack, and the insulation performance is stable. When using metal film capacitors, pay attention to the following points (1) The rated voltage of metal film capacitors must be consistent with the grid voltage in the region. For certain grids with excessive voltage or harmonics, due to higher harmonics, especially The third, fifth, and seventh harmonics have the largest energy and the strongest harm. Measures should be taken to avoid and isolate them during configuration. (2) Pay attention to the operating environment temperature. Excessive operating temperature will cause the electrochemical reaction of the metal film capacitor to intensify, affect the heat dissipation during self-healing, and cause self-healing failure or shorten the service life. Therefore, when installing the capacitor, avoid heat sources and improve the heat dissipation and ventilation environment. . (3) The capacitor cabinet should be equipped with reasonable protection devices: ①Adjust the appropriate delay and discharge time, and the capacitor bank should be equipped with current limiting and discharge devices for the input and removal of the capacitor bank. Because the internal resistance of the metal film capacitor is small, the inrush current may be as high as tens of thousands of amperes. In order to prevent the newly input capacitor from being discharged by the capacitor first input by the side, a current-limiting protection device should be installed; in order to ensure the operation and maintenance of the metal film capacitor The discharge device must be installed; ②The switching procedure should comply with the principle of first switching first, and second switching after switching; ③In order to prevent frequent switching, the capacitor bank must retain sufficient capacity when it is removed as a base array. For more information, please call the toll-free hotline 4006299138.
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