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The characteristics of the solid-state SMD electrolytic capacitor and polarity distinguish method News and information

by:Shenmao     2020-11-19
Capacitance type, not only can be compared by appearance or parameters, can also through other ways to distinguish. Aluminum electrolytic capacitor is the electronic components industry in one of the highest selling capacitance type. Especially solid tiles capacitors, then the capacitor has the characteristic of how? Might as well follow ShenMao small make up together to get to know. SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor is the electrolyte materials used, this is also our sees most of the most widely used capacitance. SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors are divided into: two kinds of liquid and solid. And the different colors on the surface of the liquid is black, solid have two red and blue colors, respectively. For SMD electrolytic capacitor polarity judgment can be judged according to whether they have a rubber base. Or can also judge according to appearance, marked the end of the and capacitance on the surface of different colors for the anode, vice is positive. Also can use a multimeter resistance, two pens and of the resistance and capacitance connected to both ends, the resistance will be from small to large, according to the last tends to infinity. Will pens and measurement in turn again, resistance will be from small to large, according to the last tends to infinity. Measurement of the resistance increase quickly are pens and directions for the cathode. The solid SMD electrolytic capacitors. It with the ordinary capacitance biggest difference lies in the different dielectric material, liquid aluminum capacitor dielectric material as the electrolyte, and solid-state capacitor dielectric material is conductive polymer. Patch capacitor and floor is to use soldering death, at the bottom of the capacitance and floor tightly to die, completely without any gap; And don't have any solder joint on the back of PCB, and the possibility of no cause a short-circuit. Tiles capacitors, on the other hand, no matter choose the element of production cost is high than plug-in capacitance. The characteristics of the solid-state SMD electrolytic capacitor and polarity are the distinguish method. Through such judgment method can avoid because of the polarity of errors caused by capacitance can't running smoothly.
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