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The choice of electrolytic capacitors|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-25
Electrolytic capacitors, the old specifications in the capacitor series, have been used for decades, and have not been eliminated. The advantage is that the capacity of electrolytic capacitors can be made very large, and the price is very reasonable, so it will There are many manufacturing industries that use electrolytic capacitors to produce products. Because electrolytic capacitors have existed for too long and are not a new type of specification, there are many electrolytic capacitor suppliers, including small workshops. So how should we choose electrolytic capacitors? Although the capacity of electrolytic capacitors can be made very large, it is a pity that the limitations are very large due to the withstand voltage, and then high-frequency electrolytic capacitors were born. Although high-frequency electrolytic capacitors, there are still certain withstand voltage limitations. Therefore, when choosing an electrolytic capacitor, first pay attention to the withstand voltage requirements of your product. If it is higher than the withstand voltage of the electrolytic capacitor, it is recommended to choose a high-frequency electrolytic capacitor. If the high-frequency electrolytic capacitor cannot meet the requirements, then May have to choose other specifications of capacitors, or use parallel or series technology to solve this problem. There are also many counterfeit brands or low-capacity electrolytic capacitors in the market for electrolytic capacitors to impersonate high-capacity electrolytic capacitors. The reason for this is that there is a bushing in the electrolytic capacitor production process. The bushing is like It is the coat of the electrolytic capacitor. The main function is to identify the capacity, withstand voltage, error, square pole, brand, etc. of the electrolytic capacitor. It is not difficult to imitate these sleeves, so there are some small electrolytic capacitor factories that will imitate these sleeves. The tube is then used on your own electrolytic capacitors in order to sell for a high price, and it is not easy to detect, because the performance of electrolytic capacitors are similar, if you use low-capacity electrolytic capacitors to impersonate high-capacity electrolytic capacitors, it will be easy to find , So when choosing an electrolytic capacitor manufacturer, try to choose the original manufacturer to avoid the risk of electrolytic capacitor selection
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