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The damage of the electrolytic capacitor, what kind of failure are there?

by:Shenmao     2020-12-17

the damage of the electrolytic capacitor, what kind of failure are there? The main failure situation, has the following several aspects and ShenMao electronic know together! 1. Electrolytic capacitors within the short or open circuit damage and failure phenomenon is burn current limit switch tube and other components, such as insurance and switching power supply in the current limiting resistor. Damage of capacitor is short, break work in high voltage, large current ( For example, the color TV switching power supply line, the output circuit) The filter capacitor, when the voltage rise for some reason, and more than the withstand voltage value, the breakdown short-circuit damage, or due to the rectifier diode damage makes one polarity after electrolytic capacitor is equal to the job in ac circuits, heating and reverse leakage flow in the larger damage of short circuit. Because of the short circuit current through the capacitor when is very big, general capacitor will burst or make its sealing stopper bulge out. Filter capacitor after short circuit, a fuse or often burn out, power thick film resistor or switch tube and breakdown of rectifier tube failure. Main show is the machine '3 without', the common fault in all kinds of switch power supply. 2. Electrolytic capacitance decrease caused by inefficient or slight leakage, the failure phenomenon is television image 'S' shape distorted or line sync phenomenon, for now with IIC bus TV appeared some special fault phenomenon, if synchronous criticality, due to the impact sound big could affect the quality of the television, made with chapter appear at any time. The main reason is that the parameters of the capacitor change, but not complete failure, and to some extent, but short of proper role, make existing fault phenomena appear. And such failure is bad judgment and elimination. 3. Failure caused by electrolytic capacitor capacity disappear, completely leakage or explosion pulp, it is also the most difficult discriminant power capacitor after the failure in and maintenance of the fault, because the measurement of capacitor, the multimeter test everything is normal, but after install the capacitance in circuit, the capacity of the capacitor is completely disappear, this is one of the most difficult maintenance of the soft fault in the circuit, the components can not withstand voltage, a voltage exists, easy to disappear entirely.
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