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The development of audio capacitors has many advantages so far

by:Shenmao     2021-03-15
Since the sound can be 'loaded' into the tape, people's life has become no longer silent. In some downtown areas or places with a large number of people, squares, large shopping malls, etc., it is inevitable that some popular rhythmic music will be played. But do we know that for music and film and television playback devices, the control of sound effects is not in people, but in various audio capacitors inside the devices. From the development of the capacitor to the current application, it can be said that there have been many different upgrades during the period. The biggest bright spot is of course the change in volume. Some of the older playback devices in the early days had many capacitors of different sizes after being disassembled. Of course, not all of them were audio capacitors. Generally, the core of the capacitors were closer to the internal components. However, it can evolve from a large-volume device to a very small music phone that can also burst out powerful rock music. Of course, the development of technology has brought more than these advantages. The new HIFI system, as the representative of the current new 4G mobile phone, will The listening of music has been brought to the extreme, but in essence, there are actually many doorways inside. The restoration of the original sound requires a lot of technical support, but from the research of experts, it is found that the ultimate reason for affecting the sound quality is not the small external expansion of the sound, but the effect of the internal audio capacitor itself. According to the analysis of audio equipment, the current audio capacitor volume varies in size. Generally, the sound quality of the sound is prone to some noise when the volume is high. However, certain upgrades have been made in the audio capacitor, and the volume is reduced. The direct effect is very useful. It is better to be able to use the HIFI system for more and smaller equipment from the perspective of practicality. At present, most of the new audio capacitors used in equipment have a life of more than 30 years. Judging from some characteristics of solid capacitors, the longevity is not a problem for 40 to 50 years, and they have become popular among many audio equipment. Of electronic components. Judging from the rhythm of most people who like to listen to music now, the development of the use of audio capacitors in the future should be more technical. However, if the material of the capacitor is really concerned, both solid capacitors and electrolytic capacitors have certain advantages. The longevity and the sound quality processing effect after use are very good.
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