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The difference between 4-pin electrolytic capacitors and ordinary electrolytic capacitors|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-07-08
Ordinary aluminum electrolytic capacitor pins have only 2 pins, that is, the positive aluminum sheet leads to the positive polarity pin, and the negative aluminum sheet leads to the negative polarity pin. Among the 4 pins of the multi-pin high-frequency aluminum electrolytic capacitor, there are 2 positive pins and 2 negative pins, that is, both ends of the positive aluminum sheet are led out as the positive polarity pins of the capacitor, and the negative aluminum sheet The two ends are also led out as negative polarity pins. The pin connection method of this 4-pin high frequency aluminum electrolytic capacitor is also different from that of ordinary aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The 4-pin high-frequency aluminum electrolytic capacitor pin connection is like this: the current of the stabilized power supply flows in from one positive pin of the four-terminal capacitor, passes through the positive aluminum sheet inside the capacitor, and then flows from the other positive pin to Load, the current returned from the load also flows in from a negative pin of the capacitor, passes through the negative aluminum sheet inside the aluminum electrolytic capacitor, and then flows from the other negative pin to the negative terminal of the power supply. After the ordinary aluminum electrolytic capacitor is connected in the circuit, the current does not flow through the positive and negative aluminum sheets inside the capacitor. The multi-terminal electrolytic capacitor has good high-frequency characteristics, which can reduce the pulsating component of the output voltage and suppress the switching spike noise. High-frequency aluminum electrolytic capacitors also have a multi-core form, which divides the aluminum foil into several shorter sections and connects them in parallel with multiple lead pieces, which can reduce the resistance component in the capacitive reactance. At the same time, the use of low-resistivity materials and the use of screws as lead terminals to enhance the capacitor's ability to withstand large currents.
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