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The difference between capacitors and batteries|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-13
First of all, the function is different. The battery stores chemical energy, and it can be converted into electrical energy in time. But what is stored in the capacitor is the electric charge, the function is the voltage regulation, the volume difference is very big! The accumulator cannot replace the capacitor. Because the capacitor charging and discharging are instantaneous, the battery cannot do it. For capacitors that emit electromagnetic waves, they are charged and discharged thousands of times per second, and the frequency is very high. No battery can be charged and discharged so many times per second. Capacitors are generally used in some electrical appliances, and have the purpose of passing alternating current to obstruct direct current or passing high-frequency alternating current to obstruct low-frequency alternating current. It is also used when transmitting and receiving electromagnetic waves. Batteries are used to store electrical energy, such as mobile phones, laptops and so on. Capacitors store charge by accumulating charges in the capacitor, and charging and discharging are also instantaneous. The storage battery of electric energy converts electric energy into chemical energy, and when it is used, it converts chemical energy into electric energy. Batteries involve the conversion of energy, but capacitors do not.
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