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The difference between chip capacitors and plug-in capacitors | Focus on high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-17
The starting point of the chip capacitor and the plug-in capacitor is basically the same, and both play the performance and efficacy of the capacitor. The biggest difference between the two is the volume and the environmental conditions used, as well as the production process. The difference is more significant! The original intention of the chip capacitor was that the size of the plug-in capacitor was not enough to satisfy some small electronic devices. The most common electronic device in it was the mobile phone. The mobile phone cannot use the plug-in capacitor because there is not enough. The space is for plug-in capacitors, so the chip capacitors are very delicate in size and can be installed on the circuit board of the mobile phone. Then the chip capacitors are also used in some precision components. To make a metaphor, it is like a computer processor CPU. The CPU itself It is a component, but the process requires a chip capacitor to control the CPU temperature, so the two will be designed together. The process of chip capacitors is more complex and diversified than plug-in capacitors. Plug-in capacitors can be understood as playing a role on the circuit board of an electronic product, and patch capacitors can be understood as allowing the circuit board to play a role, and there are The stability control of some components on the circuit board, because of the complexity of the chip capacitors, there are basically one or two domestic manufacturers, and most of them need to be imported by agents, which makes the price of the chip capacitors Expensive. Compared with plug-in capacitors, it may take a few minutes to find a supplier of plug-in capacitors in China. Due to the particularity of the domestic market, there is still no way to maintain all the same in the production process of electronic products, so the chip capacitors still cannot be universally used. Even the previous aluminum electrolytic capacitors and ceramic capacitors have not been fully popularized by metal film capacitors. There has been a separate position. Although the performance cover of the chip capacitor is good, it is still a bit difficult to meet the conditions of use of all electronic devices.
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