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The difference between free capacitor samples and charged samples|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-16
In the process of purchasing capacitors, I believe that all purchasing specialists will choose to request samples from capacitor manufacturers in order to avoid the risk of capacitors being inferior products. In the process of providing capacitor samples, there must be capacitor manufacturers requesting to accept For sample fees, some capacitor manufacturers can provide them for free, so what is the difference between charged capacitor samples and free capacitor samples? Is there a certain difference in quality? 1. Why is there a free capacitor sample①. I believe this truth is very clear when the wool comes out of the sheep, but if you ask for a free capacitor sample, you won’t lose anything if you don’t consume it, so why does the capacitor manufacturer give it to you? Provide free capacitor samples? In fact, the identity of the company helped you successfully obtain capacitor samples. Generally, the better the company’s qualifications, the larger the scale, the more capacitor manufacturers would like to cooperate with each other. The capacitor sample fee is just a small profit, and the number of orders after successful cooperation It is the most anticipated by capacitor manufacturers. Therefore, the better the qualification of the company, the larger the scale, the greater the possibility of enjoying free capacitor samples! ②. Spot inventory assists in free sample supply, which saves the process of developing capacitors. You can directly sample a certain number of capacitors from the stock as samples and provide them to the other party, which will save the capacitor manufacturer’s engineers’ Ru0026D time Cost, purchase of new capacitors, new materials, production molds and re-molding, so this kind of spot capacitor inventory provided as capacitor samples is generally free ③. Long-term cooperative partner, this kind of cooperation usually takes one or two years For the above capacitor manufacturers, if you ask them to provide some capacitor samples, they will rarely charge you, but this depends on the frequency of cooperation in recent years. If the frequency is more complicated, the chances of providing you with samples for free will be more. Sophomore. Why is there a chargeable capacitor sample①. The uncertain factor and scale are too small, because it is the first time to cooperate with a request to provide samples, but the capacitor manufacturer is not sure whether there is a follow-up order, just in case it is required to charge The cost of capacitor samples this time, because buyers now look for many capacitor manufacturers to purchase capacitor samples, and each of them will provide capacitor samples, so the capacitor manufacturers are even more charged in this link, plus the company If the qualifications and production scale are not large, then fees will be required. ②. There is no spot to develop and develop! This is the core factor of why capacitor samples need to be charged. If the other party’s request is more common and can be produced, then the capacitor manufacturer will not consume much. If it is a off-specification capacitor, it will be more special, except for Ru0026D personnel. In addition to the cost of time, there are also production equipment that need to be re-assisted to open molds, order new materials, and test personnel costs. If the Ru0026D is successful once, it may be cheaper. If the Ru0026D fails many times, it will be recovered after the final Ru0026D. The sample fee is not enough to deduct the cost
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