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The difference between tantalum capacitors and electrolytic capacitors

by:Shenmao     2020-10-18
Full name is the tantalum capacitance tantalum electrolytic capacitor, also belong to a kind of electrolytic capacitor, due to the use of metal tantalum do medium, do not need to use of normal electrolytic capacitor electrolyte, in addition, like ordinary electrolytic capacitor tantalum capacitor does not need to use the plating aluminium film capacitor paper burn, so itself almost no inductance, but also limits the capacity of the it. In addition, the tantalum capacitor inside without electrolyte, very suitable for working under high temperature. Tantalum capacitor is the feature of long life, high temperature resistant, high accuracy and high frequency filter change wave performance is very good, but the capacity is small, the price is more expensive than aluminum capacitor, and the ability of resistance to voltage and current is relatively weak. It is applied to the large capacity filter, like CPU socket near can see the figure of tantalum capacitor, todays ceramic capacitor, electrolytic capacitor used or applied to voltage and current is not big. Electrolytic capacitor is the most common capacitance, its capacity is large, and the polarity, general application in the low frequency filter and signal coupling, input and output. Electrolytic capacitors are not suitable for use in the temperature change is larger. Electrolytic capacitor can be divided into two categories, nonpolar and polar and nonpolar capacitance the following two types of packaging are the most common, namely, 0805, 0603; And polar capacitor also is what we usually call electrolytic capacitor, we usually use most commonly for aluminium electrolytic capacitor, due to its electrolyte for aluminum, so the temperature stability and accuracy is not high, and the patch components due to its close to the circuit board, so it requires high temperature stability, so the patch capacitor tantalum capacitor which is, according to the different voltage, patch capacitance and can be divided into A, B, C, D four series, A specific classification is as follows: pressure type packaging form A 3216 10 vb 3528 16 vc 6032 25 vd 7343 35 v non-polar capacitor encapsulation model for the RAD series, such as & other; RAD - 0. 1' “ RAD - 0. 2' “ RAD - 0. 3' “ RAD - 0. 4' Suffix Numbers encapsulation model etc, which the distance between two bonding pad, the unit for & other; Inches & throughout; 。 Electrolytic capacitor encapsulation model for the RB series, such as from & other; RB - 。 2 /. 4' To & other; RB - 。 5 /. 10' First digital representation, the suffix encapsulated in the model the distance between two bonding pad, the second figures show that the capacitance of the appearance, size, unit for & other; Inches & throughout; 。 Very many different kinds of condenser model is very much also, ShenMao specializing in the production and sale of the capacitance, welcome to get to know and consulting. Choose a good electrolytic capacitor manufacturer is especially important, shenzhen ShenMao weiye technology co. , LTD. Is a brand capacitor manufacturer.
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