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The difference between the CL capacitance and CBB capacitor - News and information

by:Shenmao     2020-12-30
There are many types of capacitors, segment after such as safety capacitors, ceramic capacitors, film capacitors types look dazzling, many customers are asking, CL21 capacitance and what is the difference between the CBB capacitance ah, in fact they are thin film capacitor, but there are differences, ShenMao below small make up for to analyze their difference for everyone. Polyester film capacitors, also known as CL capacitance, polypropylene film capacitors, also known as CBB capacitance, both with and non-inductive self-healing properties. The primary difference between both is as follows: 1, under the condition of high frequency, the stability of the CBB capacitance is higher than CL capacitance. 2, under the condition of the same temperature, CBB capacitance with temperature change range is smaller than CL capacitance. 3, the loss ratio of CBB capacitance CL capacitance is small, under the condition of frequency of 1 KHZ, general CBB capacitance loss tangent value less than 0. 001, and the CL capacitance loss tangent value less than 0. 01. 4, CBB capacitance and CL capacitor insulation performance is very good, better than the other capacitors, but the CBB capacitor insulation performance is better than CL capacitance. 5, compared with the CBB capacitance CL capacitor has the advantage of small volume, the same voltage, under the condition of same capacity, the volume of CL capacitance can do better than the CBB capacitance is small, this installation requirements for volume is very practical. Because the CBB capacitor performance better, the unit price is more expensive, so there are many on the market at present with CL as CBB capacitance of unscrupulous businessmen, therefore recommended method to distinguish between two types of capacitors: measuring loss value, if less than 0. 001 for CBB capacitance, the opposite is CL capacitance. If you have technical questions can contact us, we try to solve for you. Shenzhen ShenMao weiye technology co. , LTD. In 13 years dedicated capacitor production and sales, more quality capacitors in ShenMao. Our company can provide free sample test, and look forward to your coming.
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