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The difference between the LOW ESR aluminium electrolytic capacitors and other series

by:Shenmao     2021-01-07
Low ESR value A. Low density paper ( Easy broken, poor ability to resist burr) B。 High conductivity of electrolyte ( High water cut) Strong ability to resist ripple current, Ripple current of 100 KHZ) Choose low density of paper; High conductivity of electrolyte; Low volume of foil ( tgδ ↓ ) ; Choose a narrow lead wire ( γ ↓ ) ; Widen the foil cutting ( Asthenic) 。 Cut the foil ( Regularly changing tool, strictly control the burr) ; Nail volume ( Foil surface scratch, petal burr) ; Group ( Charging less, one finished charging again) 2 ~ 3 hours group set to complete; Containing leaching ( Can't heating) ; Sophisticated Short; With short circuit tester testing dry core package; Process of health control; Burr control; Set the machine production.
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