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The distinction between the patch capacitance is negative

by:Shenmao     2020-10-16
When we don't know the patch capacitance is negative, we can use a multimeter to measure it. Tiles capacitors, also called SMD capacitor, the surface installation capacitor, its appearance is usually yellow, black or light blue. It can be divided into two categories: nonpolar and polar. Now we are mainly discuss the difference between the cathode and polarity patch capacitor. In this way, we first suppose an extreme & quot; Pole, pointer multimeter R * 100 or R * 1 k blocks, and then assume & quot; Pole and the black pens and multimeter, another electrode and red pens and multimeter, write down the needle stop scale. And then discharge the capacitor ( Touch the two lead) And then adjust the two pen and measure again. In two measurement, the last stop on the left side of ( Or resistance) Black pen, and the positive connection of the electrolytic capacitor. The positive and negative electrodes of aluminum electrolytic capacitor from measuring capacitor are the black piece on the negative electrode, the capacitance position in PCB with two semicircle, color button corresponds to a negative, use for and wrong to differentiate between the feet and negative feet long, short feet correspond to the cathode. Capacitance between the dielectric is not absolutely insulator, the resistance is not infinite, but a limited value, generally greater than 1000 MHZ. Capacitors between the poles of the resistance is called insulation resistance and leakage resistance. Only when the electrolytic capacitor voltage in the positive and negative terminals are extremely negative when red pens, watches the barrier of the electrolytic capacitor leakage current smaller ( The leakage resistance is bigger) 。 On the contrary, electrolytic capacitor leakage current increase ( Leakage resistance decrease) 。
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