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The failure mode of aluminum electrolytic capacitors have?

by:Shenmao     2020-11-10

aluminum electrolytic capacitor is made the anode, aluminum cylinder filled with liquid electrolyte, insert a crooked ribbon do the anode is made, the failure mode of 6 kinds of aluminum electrolytic capacitor have? 1, fluid leakage, leakage is one of the causes of failure of capacitor, and aluminum electrolytic capacitor is no exception. Its working present acidic electrolyte aluminum electrolytic capacitors, if overflow, will be serious pollution and corrosion around the capacitor to other components and printed circuit board. Electrolytic capacitor inside at the same time, due to the leakage and make the dry working electrolyte, loss of repair ability of anode oxidation film medium, leads to the deterioration of the breakdown or capacitor electric parameters and failure. Causes of leakage is a lot of, such as: 1) poor sealing aluminum electrolytic capacitor; (2) the rubber plug seal of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, because may use too long, cause rubber aging, cracking and cause leakage phenomenon; (3) mechanical seal technology problems; (4) installation problem, general production vendors will take into account the leakage problem, they will be specified in the enterprise standard to vertical installation, some enterprises have adopted horizontal installation, etc. 2, explosion aluminum electrolytic capacitor in the working voltage ac component is too large, or oxidation film media have more defects, such as sulfuric acid or chlorine root, root harmful anions, so that the larger leakage current electrolysis produce gas rate faster, the more work time length, the greater the leakage current, the more gas inside the shell, the higher the temperature. Capacitor metal casing pressure difference inside and outside will increase with the increase of working voltage and working time. If seal is good, without any explosion-proof measures, the pressure increases to a certain degree would have caused an explosion of the capacitor. At present, has been widely used, explosion-proof enclosure structure in the metal shell increase a fold, upper air pressure is high to open fold, increase the content of shell product, thereby reducing pressure, reduce the explosion hazard. On the use of such as overload voltage of capacitor charge and discharge rapidly, such as applying a reverse voltage is likely to be the capacitor explosion. 3, the breakdown was due to breakdown aluminum electrolytic capacitor anodic aluminum oxide films were broken, cause the electrolyte caused by direct contact with the anode. Alumina membrane may be because of all sorts of material, process, or from local damage of the reasons of the environmental conditions. Under the action of applied electric field working electrolyte provides oxygen ions can be formed in the injury to oxide film, to bridge repair anodic oxide film. But if the injury is the impurity ions or other defects, so bridge repair work not perfect, will leave a microporous in anodic oxide film, and may even become a through hole, the aluminum electrolytic capacitor breakdown. In addition, as the growth of the use and storage time, solvent consumption and gradually volatilization in electrolyte, the solution of acid value increase, in the process of storage for corrosion to occur in the oxide film layer. At the same time, because of aging and electrolyte dried up, under the effect of electric field have been unable to provide oxygen ions to repair the oxide film, thus lost the self-healing effect, oxidation film once damaged capacitor will lead to breakdown. Process defects and breakdown is a major cause of aluminum electrolytic capacitor. Such as poor riveting process, raises the burr on the chaff severe stab oxide film, stabbing parts of leakage current is very big, local overheating thermal breakdown, the capacitor. On the use of temperature, overly ripple current or mechanical stress could disable capacitance breakdown. 4, burn burn aluminum electrolytic capacitor, generally are the following reasons: (1) is negative after the aluminum electrolytic capacitor is a capacitor is negative, if the installation aluminum electrolytic capacitor is negative wrong capacitor occurs when burning phenomenon; (2) the pressure when the voltage is more than enough pressure value of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor itself, can also occur the phenomenon of capacitance burned; (3) the quality of the unqualified some manufacturers of aluminum electrolytic capacitor production is unqualified, may also trigger capacitor burn, etc. 5, aluminum electrolytic capacitor in high temperature or hot flashes open environment for medium and long-term open circuit failure may occur when the job, the reason for this is that the anode lead foil subjected to electrochemical corrosion and rupture. For high voltage large capacity capacitor, this kind of failure mode. In addition, the anode foil derivation and the anode foil after riveting, without fully flat, poor contact will appear intermittent open the capacitor. After use, mechanical stress has the potential to capacitance. 6, the electric parameters deteriorate (1) increases with a decrease in capacitance loss of aluminum electrolytic capacitor capacitance slow decline in the early work, this is due to the load working electrolyte constantly in the process of repair and thickening caused by anodic oxidation film.
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