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The 'five phases' electrolytic capacitor industry in China and trend analysis

by:Shenmao     2020-10-01
ShenMao on 'five phases' of electrolytic capacitor industry in China and trend analysis have special opinions with the existing similar intelligent electrolytic capacitor bucket, high reliable, low failure, small power consumption, long life, and many other advantages. But many home appliance container factory through craft refresh and receive foreign forward predecessors craft product manufacturing craft with the increase of amplitude of the eve of the enhanced at the same time, their own economic strength after the birth of the new capacitor factory like mushrooms inspired comprehensive primary table and fierce competition in the market 'price war' at the moment. If the temperature is too high, capacitance work what happens when heat is scattered not to go out; And if the temperature is too low, the oil could be frozen inside the capacitor, electric breakdown easily. 5毫米2) , ground adjacent wire should be very reliable, and should be connected to external earthing terminal, and tube type line mark. Explosion problem; ; ; ; ; Multiple sets of capacitors in parallel operation, as long as one has a breakdown happens, the rest of the units will be at the same time through a process that a discharge. Orders, record the first chapter container line record the recording medium. This manual introduces the dpsc621l/dpsc623l harmonic bay type intelligent electrolytic capacitor installation and wiring, operation of the product. 1 record the build record the nets with record record record by record the step and the work record of deep slowly, with the 2008 ~ 2020 years all record to record the quantity recorded in the link to record the high increase rate, record the record to the record from 2010 to 28190 kw mercy, recorded by the year 2015 to 35833 kw mercy, recorded in 2020 to 44347 kw record. Neutral record the guaranteed employment record the container less dosage, but the skill requirements to record high. 2/20 dpsc621l/623l XieBoAnNaXingZhiNengDianXieDianRongQi 2 ShouYaoGongNeng  LvBoGongNeng 主若是经由过程在电容抵偿回路中串联与之相匹配的电抗器同时提高电容、投切开关的物理参数的体例,有用按捺高次谐波和涌流,对高次谐波形成低阻抗通路,从而有用的领受电网的部门谐波,使电容合闸时不会发生电流放年夜,倒送至电网加重污染,起到谐波按捺浸染,保证设备正常工作。 Below for the product series middle store not beautiful figure dpsc621l / 623 l harmonic bay type intelligent electrolytic capacitor is 4/20 4 product model name DPSC series harmonic bay type intelligent electrolytic capacitor product models as shown in the figure below: such as: dpsc621l / 450 - 20 - 7% 7% implies that a total of 20 kvar, internal series reactor, three same cut. The intelligent process via rs485 bus communication between electrolytic capacitor, rs485a between Taiwan and rs485b respectively and in all the way. Neutral dc wave record record record the container to solution of the technical record record: record high dc record the container is not different, just record the set record record should with record siwl/record. Special stainless steel box shell adopts stainless steel shell and special welding wire welding, to ensure that the welding will be rust. This is the factory Settings and equipment decoration, users do not need to change, if you have any special requirement when ordering. According to the relevant craft the premise of the capacitor, the capacitor in the work of general to 40 ℃ temperature limit. Then this through improved self-healing type dry type high voltage capacitor has the potential to be capacitor market under a mainstream product in China.
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