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The flash capacitor is a name for the use scene. The capacitor itself is a horn electrolytic capacitor, because it is frequently applied to flash type products.

by:Shenmao     2021-03-18
The photoflash capacitor is a name for the use scene. The capacitor itself is a horn electrolytic capacitor, because it is frequently used for flash type products, and is called a photoflash capacitor in order to quickly distinguish it. Because the horn electrolytic capacitor is also divided into many functions and scenarios, it is directly called Photoflash capacitors, you can quickly distinguish which function is needed. The parameters of the horn electrolytic capacitors are generally high-frequency and low-resistance horn electrolytic capacitors with large capacity and high withstand voltage, because the flash is a kind of electric current that needs to reach the peak current and withstand voltage immediately. The large capacity of the light coming out is due to the need for fast storage of electricity, and a high voltage is generated at a very fast speed at the moment of use. This is the most basic principle of flashlight. The general requirement of a flashlight capacitor is at least 300V to achieve the flashing effect. For the sake of safety, the safety margin is generally set, so the withstand voltage parameter of the general photoflash capacitor is mostly 400V, and the capacity needs to be determined by the product used. The most common product for flash capacitor applications is a camera. The camera function of a mobile phone has a flash function but it is not possible to achieve the flash effect of a real camera. This is a common application product for flash capacitors, and another is a hair removal device, which uses the principle of flash. High temperature irradiation of local skin is a kind of beauty equipment that has emerged in recent years. The requirements for photoflash capacitors are relatively high. The highest requirement for the capacity of photoflash capacitors needs to reach 1800UF. The principle is to use light to perform hair removal treatment, which will not be detailed here. Attached, if you need a flash capacitor, you can directly contact the official website customer service for consultation.
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